Saturday, February 25, 2012

round and round

 vintage ratt shirt
h&m shorts from years ago
bug bracelets from a store called rebeccas (??) in illinois
necklaces i made myself
drugstore headband

freessshshhlllyyy died hair (special effects devilish & cherrybomb)

 i love this shirt so much. i have yet to find a vintage shirt that is as amazingly worn-in and comfortable. its also very clearly used which bothered me a little when i got it but now i love it.

sorry for the gratuitous cleavage shot i wanted to show off my necklaces!



Eve said...

I love your hair!

Shybiker said...

While many people focus on how clothes look, how they feel is as important. Comfort makes us happy.

The Fashion Turd said...

chin up! and thanks for the comments as always x

Charlie Wilkins said...

Vintage. Ratt shirt.


Best thing ever.

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