Sunday, February 26, 2012

etsy store recs?

hey guys!
first of all i just wanted to say thank you for all your amazing comments on my previous post. they made me really glad that i put all that out there because it's great that i'm not alone. things aren't better yet but i hope they will be and i think i'm on the right track.

i also wanted to ask you guys a question--i've recently found myself with money to burn, which is a little unusual for me. i was wondering if you guys had any recommendations about any etsy stores, online stores, et cetera that aren't too pricey but have really cute and unique and interesting things. i'm talking jewelry, clothes, accessories, whatever.

and if any of you mice have a store of your own, link me and i'll definitely check it out!



Daniel said... (tHEY do the most awesome jewelry! )

Anonymous said...

I personally love this shop I'll wear their 'my little pony unicorn dress' to a party or a concert!!

Clara Turbay said...

Good taste y grace!

Clara Campelo said...

lovely hair!!

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