Monday, February 6, 2012

we're not gonna take it anymore

 this is like the first time ive worn these boots without socks and now i have blisters oops
i know there is shit all over the floor.. that box is like my cat's favourite thing (i always have to have a box for him) and he keeps pulling chunks off of it and throwing them around so there is cardboard everywhere
he needs a new box to play in but i haven't been shipped anything in a nicely sized box for him lately so this will have to do for now
 generation x shirt from ebay
cat pin from moma store
jacket thingum from h&m years and years ago
skirt from forever 21
 necklace from etsy
hair clip from ebay
here is a closeup of one of the rings i made HELLO ITS A CAT

i think lisa frank probably did a lot of acid

title is from we're not gonna take it by twisted sister:


Clara Turbay said...

Lovely, i like so much your blog.

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