Monday, February 13, 2012

thoughts on "fat" and fashion

before i start this rant i'd like to point out that I AM AWARE that this is a very gendered statement i am making, and for that i apologize. it happened that the three women i was thinking of are cisgender females and i know that this is not always the case when it comes to weight and style issues.

here are some pictures of melissa mccarthy on various red carpets. i got these pictures off google images, as always, if they are yours and you don't want 'em here, shoot me an email and i'll take them down.
melissa mccarthy is a beautiful woman. the problem is, i don't often like the way she dresses. i think a lot of the clothes she wears are unflattering. i think this of a lot of people, so why is it worth mentioning here?

it's because she's fat. 
oof, that's a statement that i'm sure is going to get me some backlash, at least until i explain myself here. 
how many fashion blogs are saying "wow she looks beautiful" when she really looks kind of like a tent?
i think--and this is just my personal theory, maybe there is something going on here that i'm missing--that this is because she is fat. there is this (amazing) movement going on where people are becoming much more accepting of size differences in beautiful and talented women, and that's fucking great! i love it! i love it so much and it needs to happen more. awesome. 
but just because ms. mccarthy is fat does not mean she always looks fabulous.
here's another example.
 this is beth ditto. beth ditto is also beautiful and fat and very talented. this is her looking fucking terrible.
and this is her looking amazing! this dress is so cute.
there is, in my eyes, a distinct difference. you can be big and dress great and you can be big and dress terribly. but either way the fashion people are gonna love it (except karl lagerfeld) because they don't want to look size-ist. i don't get it. don't get it!
and then there is adele. oh, adele, of the trillion grammy awards. adele who is beautiful and one of the most talented singers that has ever been. adele who, in my opinion, is not fucking fat but is pretty average if you think about it. i mean how many people out there are melissa mccarthy sized, how many people are kate moss sized, and how many people are adele sized? exactly.

i think, and again this is only my opinion, but i think she looks fucking fantastic in all of these dresses. they are flattering and classy and gorgeous. i don't know why anyone's calling her fat (HI KARL) at all, honestly. she's great. she's got wonderful curves and she knows how to flatter them. or her stylist does. whichever.
my point is that you don't have to look great if you're fat, but you don't have to look terrible either, but i think that people are sort of sticking to one end of the spectrum and afraid to offend if they say "listen, that dress just isn't flattering, it looks like it's meant to house a circus instead of a woman."

also there is something weird happening in hollywood/the stardomsphere which is the fact that no one is normal looking. there are girls like adele who are bigger (the closest to normal that i can think of) and there are girls like beth ditto who are for all intents and purposes genuinely "big", and there are girls who are skinny. and that's it. there's not a lot of average. there's not a lot of people getting photographed on the red carpet who look like me or who look like my friends. not fat and not thin. that's what real women are and i don't see them happening.

anyway, if you read all that thank you so much, i just felt like it was something i needed to get out there.



Shybiker said...

I like your honesty. We should be honest when talking about something this important.

And I agree with you that, as much as I like Melissa (going back to "The Gilmore Girls"), her clothes are awful. It's possible to be stylish and attractive at any size.

Magnet said...

Hmm... I personally agree with the outfit selection, I think Melissa's clothes would look bad on anyone and I agree with you on the clothing that is unflattering.

But, I'd find it hard to tell fat women what they can and can't wear, I'd find it hard telling anyone what they can and can't wear. I mean, if someone wants to wear something that may make you and I think they look like a tent, so be it. We may think they look like shit, but I mean, if they think they look good and if they feel comfortable and happy, then whatever. Remember though, there are A LOT of people who would think that Melissa's clothes look good on her/good in general and might possibly even prefer it to Beth Ditto's AMAZING dress.

That might sound hard to believe, but it's true. It's difficult to say what is flattering and what isn't, especially because good style is so subjective.

Interesting post though.

Samira Phoenix said...

Ture that!
100% agree.
We need more honest blogger!

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