Wednesday, February 22, 2012

you're my lover, not my rival

 sweater - goodwill
headband - tatty devine (another ebay score for like 11 bucks)
shorts - cut off from tripp jeans
necklace - diy
ring - super super old (i took a lot of my old jewelry and stuff from my dad's when i was in pennsylvania so expect some super old pieces to make an appearance)
socks - american apparel

i love this sweater so much even though it is kinda short. its super comfy and the photos which never really do anything justice because my webcam and lighting suck really dont do how pink it is justice!
title from karma chameleon by culture club:



Shybiker said...

The sweater is cute. And I know what you mean about how pictures don't always accurately convey what something looks like, but as far as I can tell, the color is pretty. I love pink.

Magnet said...

use your SLR woman! because I wish I could see that DIY necklace properly, it looks awesome.

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