Monday, April 2, 2012

you make a ninja wanna fuck

 this top was a recent acquisition from forever21. i am planning a blog/vlog about how much i hate forever21 and why i still shop there anyway. i'm still super busy with cleaning and getting shit together and stuff but i will get it done, promise! x

i really just always wear this vest and this headband i dunno

i couldnt find a video for "u make a ninja wanna fuck"so here is this one



Shybiker said...

Cheap fashionable clothing can be addictive. It is to me. You want it; you despise it; you want it; you hate it; you want it...

Anonymous said...

I know this probably isnt the place, but youve recently been talking about your ex and all that and i could use some advice.

I liked this guy, and then got back with my ex bf, and then broke up and dont want to be with that first guy anymore. so i lied to him and told him im still dating my ex. have you ever lied like that to someone, or for similar reasons? why? and would you again? i wanna be friends with him but im not sure that i can now that i lied to him right off the bat like that. i think he'll hate me if i tell him the truth. i just like your blog and figured maybe you had your stuff together better than i do.

Anonymous said...

I hate Forever 21 because there is just too much stuff! It's impossible to find anything as there is so much! BUT I also love it because its so cheap :)

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