Friday, April 13, 2012

some things happened!

some things happened! and i did some shopping! so i'm going to share with you
 i put up some billy idol posters
way too many billy idol posters
 i got this jacket thing mostly because i was sweating to death in my leather jacket but didnt want to go without a top layer and i thought it was kinda weird looking at first but now i love it and i think i'm going to wear it forever and ever
 this velvet crop top and petticoat are from american apparel's wholesale store. the petticoat was only $35 and the top was $10!

 this dress is lavender and was only $20 at american apparel's wholesale store.
 i got this my little pony shirt at forever 21.
 i got this dress, too, at forever 21. it's not at all the kind of thing i usually wear but i saw it and i fell in love with it and i just want to wear it to coney island and eat cotton candy with it.

then i made this headband. with a lot of bears on it. 



Shybiker said...

Yay! Nice haul!

And there's no such thing as too many Billy Idol posters.

Laura said...

I love that petticoat so much! Is it tulle? it's hard to tell! I am addicted to tulle, I need more!!!

yeah, that stripy dress is so cotton candy at coney island! Also good for having a picnic with tea, cupcakes and stuffed toys.

edie pop said...

Wow!!!I love Billy Idol posters I'd love to have them too (this is a good house furnishing idea!) and all the things you've bought are wonderful!!
I love the lavender dress, the mylittlepony t-shirt and the striped dress!!Now I need all that stuff!!
The headband you made is awesome!
Have an amazing week-end!!

Daniel said...

Cool new stuff !! My favourite is the little pony shirt!!!

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