Monday, April 16, 2012

show me how you do that trick

i really wear this jacket thing a lot now



Shybiker said...

As odd as your photo-presentation is, you've developed a style with it and now I associate it with you. That's cool.

And those rings are wild!

Laura said...

those rings are cool! i think when i was a kid they used to sell tiny animals like that in a big jar at some shop I went to. I had a little yellow kitten and a brown teddy bear. they were so cute!

Anonymous said...

It suits you and matches your hair. I'm pretty darn jealous of it and I want one.

Magnet said...

Hm yes the jacket thing is cool, but I was actually focusing on how amazing this dress looks on you!

Olivia Trimble said...

ahhhh teddy bear rings!!!!!! Please stop being sooo cute!!!! hehe

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