Saturday, April 14, 2012

my feet are killing me

 i walked for a really long time today. and went to an art show thing. and some people took pictures with me like i was a celebrity or something. it was a really fun day.

 i don't know what i'm doing

 i scraped my knee on a rock in central park. me and central park rocks don't seem to get along too well. but i love walking there! i plan to take another long walk tomorrow.
i'm modeling in my kitchen today. so you can know what it's like to hang out with my rice cooker and billy idol/placebo wall decorations.



Shybiker said...

Yay for the fun day!

You come up with the best titles for blog-posts. They always draw me in and make me smile. Maybe this is your Super Power.

Laura said...

I have rice cooker too, couldn't do without it, no idea how to cook rice otherwise!

Yay for the exercise and for feeling like a celeb!

Love your outfit as usual!

Where did you get the ankh, it's the perfect size, i only have one too big and others really tiny, I want the perfect size one more like Death's in The Sandman comics.

Anonymous said...

fan of your looks, and follow your blog :)

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