Monday, April 9, 2012

learn from my mistakes

i'm not very well-versed in the kinds of people to date.
i am, however, a professional at the kinds of people not to date.
here are my simple rules for avoiding a disastrous relationship as per my extensive experiences. 
  1. don't date guys in bands.
  2. the only thing worse than dating a guy in a band is dating a guy who isn't in a band, but wants to be.
  3. musicians in general are pretty good to avoid.
  4. just cos a guy's got a pretty accent doesn't mean he's really all that special.
  5. just cos a guy's got a pretty face doesn't mean he's too special, either. 
  6. if a dude's friends are assholes, he's probably an asshole, too.
  7. if someone acts completely differently around their friends than around you, they are not to be trusted.
  8. if you are someone's first same-sex relationship, it's possible that you are an experiment. keep that in mind.
  9. crazy and fun are not the same thing.
  10. crazy and psychopathic are not the same thing. 
  11. people who lie to you will keep lying to you. and if you believe they won't, you're lying to yourself.
what kind of things have you learned from your own mistakes?



Laura said...

these are some good advice. I am sure there must be some good guys in bands, but all the fame/ imaginary fame, travelling, and band stuff, it could put a strain on things. And also I think it was the guy from Silverchair who said he purposefully created drama in his life so he could write good songs about it. not good.

I think the main thing I learned with my almost-boyfriend who broke my heart when i was younger was that if he says he doesn't know if he loves you and that it makes him really sad, it's really his fault, not yours. especially if he won't actually admit to being your boyfriend. That's kind of when you should just avoid him. But i was just a little teen and he was my first almost boyfriend so I didn't get it.

and yeah on the crazy/ fun are not the same thing thing. along the same lines I noticed recently that books/ tv, etc. make us want to believe that that hot guy who is a total dick to us secretly loves us and is our solemate. Think Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, and many many more modern examples. If he is rude to you, you probably don't want to put up with that for life, and he's probably not going to change. it makes for a fun story, not for fun real life.

Laura said...

Ditto with the 'saving the bad boy' thing. They don't often want to be saved.

Shybiker said...

Sound advice. I've given up on dating and plan to never date again.

Daniel said...

That we should Trust No Bitch I've learned that

Charlie Wilkins said...

Long distance never works?

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