Monday, April 23, 2012

where have you been all my life

holy shit, you guys.
i just ran out of my old conditioner (fructis, purchased in huge bottles at the grocery store) and was at ricky's and decided to try the bed head resurrection conditioner and oh, man, this is amazing.
my hair is basically d.o.a. after all the bleaching and dyeing and bleaching and dyeing and bleaching and dying i do and this is sort of giving it some human qualities again!
its a lot easier to manage, easier to detangle, and feels softer. 
as soon as i run out of my shampoo i'm going to buy the resurrection shampoo, too.
this is seriously a miracle. i thought my hair was going to be forever a lost cause. 
and it smells like jawbreakers.
like jawbreakers.

if any of you have crazy fried hair like me, or just really really dry hair, i seriously recommend that you check this shit out. it has made such a difference and i've only used it twice. 



Magnet said...

Thank you for the shampoo/conditioner advice. My hair is pretty damn dry, so I'm going to look into this.

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