Thursday, April 12, 2012

day 1 of living life

not smoking is hard.
today i had hummus and pita chips and two dora the explorer popsicles (i know! i know! but they're only 30 calories each!)
i can't for some reason motivate myself to walk, though. i was going to after class today but it was raining and now it's not but i just feel ugh. i'm so tired. 
tomorrow i will. tomorrow tomorrow!
i'm going to try to do all my work today so i have a completely free weekend so i can do stuff.
but i feel really good about myself
for whatever reason
i don't know
i haven't felt this good in a while
i can't even motivate myself to go to the drugstore. but i must!
it's been an exhausting week. 



Laura said...

yay! You're doing well!

If you can't motivate yourself to walk, see if there are any cheap exercise classes thru your university, like zumba or dance or something. :)

edie pop said...

I need some of your motivation!!
I'm a mess with food and I need to move my *** more, but now it's raining, so I find always an excuse..
So great that you are quitting smoke..Super YAY for you!!

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