Sunday, April 8, 2012

from grace she will fall, an image burning in her mind and between her thighs

 i know i just wore this dress but hey it is easter and this is the easteriest thing i have
 it's also the second night of passover! hell yeah

 hairclips - sassynpunk and ebay
fascinator - urban outfitters
 dress - miracle eye
 ankh necklace - beacon's closet
tiny skull necklace - h&m



Romi Ya said...

that's a beautiful dress. :)

//Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog//

Laura said...

you always look good in that dress with your bright hair. OMG Type O Neg! Love that band! I looooove Pete!! : good easter song :P

Gabriel said...

i don't really give a shit about clothes, but you in that dress kinda made me think of a mad punked up Marylin Monroe who could be singing an electrical guitar version of 'happy birthday mr. president'.

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