Friday, April 20, 2012


i have been wanting this dress FOREVER and i just traded someone for it and i'm like hyperventilating because it fits so well and looks so good and oh my god i am so happy!!

am i the only one who is not a fan of blogger's new interface, though?


holy shit this is my 300th post!


Meghan Edge said...

LOVE THE DRESS and hate bloggers new thing.

Roma said...

SO JEALOUS. that dress is amaziiing!Is that Christopher Kane??

Shybiker said...

Wow, that dress looks amazing on you. You could wear that anywhere -- a rock concert, a wedding, a funeral... Okay, maybe not a funeral. :)

I *hate* the new blogger interface. Hate hate hate it.

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

The print on your dress is fabulous. I love the hair color too.

Laura said...

looks abso-freakin-mazing!!! you look great!

i am not hte biggest fan of the interface but ive had it so long now im getting used to it. it just seems a bit counterintuitive, but then so is half the stuff we have had to program in my uni degree...

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