Tuesday, April 10, 2012

full responsibility

starting today (tonight) i am 
1. quitting smoking
2. starting a diet. trying to go gluten free. don't know how much i will succeed, i'm not restricting myself super much, but i'm going to try to reduce my gluten intake.
3. going to drink at least six glasses of water a day
4. eating as little processed shit as possible
5. walking at least twelve miles per week

i'm in the midst of a little bit of a health scare and sort of trying to reevaluate what i'm doing to my body. 
hopefully everything's gonna be ok but in the meantime, i'm putting this on my blog in order to keep myself accountable. if i go and eat a mountain of doritos, i'm gonna blog about it, and then i'm gonna feel like an asshole because i ate a mountain of doritos and everyone knows. conversely, if i eat well, i'm going to blog about it and then feel accomplished. i don't think i will do this every single day. i don't think that's a realistic expectation i set for myself. but i'm going to do my best, and i'm going to keep blogging how i usually blog, as well.
i just wanna feel better. this isn't a "oh god i think i'm huge i wanna lose so much weight" thing because i've already lost a bit this year. but i want to be healthy and be good to myself, so i'm going to put these updates up as well.
if you don't like these kinds of posts you can, of course, ignore them.
thanks for being here and stuff 


Anonymous said...

the 12 miles a week thing shouldn't be too hard considering where you live. if you have the time, walking across the brooklyn bridge and back on the manhattan bridge is a fun walk.

Laura said...

Good luck, hang in there! it will make a difference and it will help! When I was told I had prediabetes I had to go on a diet and exercise but it made me feel so much better! It is seriously hard to give up the bad stuff, but it is well worth the effort! when i was unable to resist chocolate at easter i felt so much worse and realised i used to feel this bad all the time! water, exercise, veggies, protein, a bit of red meat so you don't get anaemic. you will feel better! Also try zumba, it works for me and you don't have to worry about looking silly cause everyone else is just as bad at it!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me Liz.
You're one of the only girls I know who completely amazes me all the time.
I feel for you with the health issues and I hope everything is going better.

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