Tuesday, April 10, 2012

when i wake up well i know i'm gonna be the one who wakes up next to you.

gahh okay i went to forever 21 again yesterday. i got this shirt and a bunch of other shit
my mom got me these shorts at urban outfitters
the tights are the ones i keep wearing
the choker is from funkytown on st marks and was 22 dollars which is more than i ever like to spend on jewelry but it is MAROON VELVET WITH STUDS so fuck you 

 bone hair clips from sassy n punk boutique

mmm hmm hmm hmm oo gurl



Daniel said...

bADASS Love the t-shirt OH and HELL yeAH MAROON VELVET WITH STUDS everyone SHUT UP hahaha
YOU ROCK "!!!!!!

Charlie Wilkins said...

Two things.

1) Proclaimers: Nice.

2) You're looking great. Have you lost weight?

Laura said...

maroon velvet with studs! Oh, I totally get it! that is my favourite material and colour!

and i want those hairclips, too!!!

Sara Louise. said...

just found your blog! love your hair and that tshirt looks amazing! very cute x

Isabel said...

FASHION BLOG YES. You're awesome.

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