Saturday, March 31, 2012

you treat me like a stranger and it feels so rough

 i just made these flower headbands! i was more excited about the daisies but i think i kinda like the other one better.

oof you know i hate lana del rey but that flower crown she wears is forever sexy.


Daniel said...

You sure do rock the flower crown!!xxxx

Shybiker said...

Great headbands. There isn't a head that's not improved by putting a flower on it!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome!!
I love very much both of them,the daisies one is beautiful and very cool, never seen it before!!
By the way the second one is perfect for everyday's've found the perfect colored flowers!

Magnet said...

You did such a fantastic job! Damn, these look brilliant, love the flowers you've used too. Stunning <3

Dandy-Doll said...

Ha, i'm such a massive fan of this song :)

Beautfiul hand-made flower headband my dear :)


Sasssquatch said...

I love your posts there so cute and concise!

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