Thursday, March 29, 2012

eyeholes in a paper bag--greatest lay i ever had

 i seriously think i have a camera curse, my slr camera's lens is fucked up and so now i can only use the zoom lens (which i can't back up fucking far enough to take outfit shots with because my apartment is too damn small) and i tried to take these with my shitty little digital and they all came out super blurry for some reason, so shitty webcam once again it is. 
 unicorn shirt makin me look faaaat
oo gurl hay



Laura said...

yeah I've had a bit of camera troubles recently. Focus and either colour problems or it's just bad lighting in the house. That unicorn shirt is AWESOME, but yeah i know what you mean, tshirts seem to focus view on my tummy too which is why i rarely wear them. but u are not fat. :)

Laura said...

omg placebo! i have been listening to them almost non stop!

Magnet said...

Aah, those mega zoom lenses are such a pain, my slr came with one and I literally had no use for it so I sold it. The webcam pics aren't too bad, really, at least we can see what you're wearing! That denim vest is siiick. I really like the skirt too.. and YOU DON'T LOOK FAT IN THAT T-SHIRT, honestly.

Daniel said...

You know I love that t-shirt !!

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