Monday, March 12, 2012

all i ever wanted, all i ever needed is here in my arms

 i havent worn this denim vest before today but i think its gonna happen more
 oh man i had a coney island adventure today it was super funnn
this is the first time i have remembered my sunglasses in a long time and now i can't remember to take them off my head
 trynna show off my glitter butterfly necklaces

can't stop listening to this
won't stop listening to this



Shybiker said...

I like your eyes when they look down into the camera. They're so soulful.

Daniel said...

grrr It's shitty that you have a bad cam I wanted to see the butterflie better !!

Anonymous said...

I really like your outfit as always, your vest and all the badges are sooo cool!
It's funny that Enjoy the silence is a song that once you've heard it continues to play in your head all day long, so now that I'm listening to it from your post I'll sing it until I'll go to bed..


deadly_bite said...

Super cool denim vest :D

And I'm not surprised you can't stop listening to Enjoy The Silence. Depeche Mode rule! ^^

Love! xx

anton belardo said...

the whole look is really nice :) perfect outfit for any fun day :)

kisses A.

Charlie Wilkins said...

Depeche Mode <3

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