Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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more bitches more problems
god i wish my ex would stop causing me problems. heyyy i'm tryin to move on and he still manages to cut my afternoon plans off and then just not fucking show up when i'm trying to get rid of all his shit that is still at my apartment.
but i'm going to go like hula hoop for an hour and try to clean my floor.
sorry about the lack of real posts, i seriously have like a staph infection on my face and every time i try to take pictures i'm like "oh god the alien life form that is my head"

also my hair went flat



Clara Turbay said...

Great job i´ll be back soon.

Laura said...

Hang in there. Do you have a verandah? Put all his stuff in boxes and put it out there. if he doesn't get it, that's his problem.

Meghan Edge said...

Exes (friends as well as lovers) are stupid. I need someone to come get his stuff and I'm tempted to donate it. Good luck and feel better darlin'.

Shybiker said...

Sorry to hear about the troubles. Limit your interaction with the jerk and focus on your new life.

Charlie Wilkins said...

Give him an ultimatum. He can collect it by X o'clock or you're putting it out on the street.

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