Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a little crazy

 yeah yeah its a mockingjay pin. i know. 

i had a panic attack in the middle of class and had to just like bolt out of there and for some reason i was just like "ok i have to take blog pictures now" so here you go. i honestly think i'm just overwhelming myself because i'm trying to take on the world and sometimes that makes me happy and productive and sometimes that makes me feel crushed under everything and i'm not really sure how to balance it out. i had really bad anxiety in middle and high school and was "okay" for a while, it was back last school year but then it seemed better and now it's getting worse. i dont want to go back on medication because its really hard to be creative when youre drugged out of your little mind. 
i know i'm going to be ok i just have to listen to the beach boys and do some hula hooping.



Unknown said...

I think
I'm ever so slightly in love with your blog.
That is all.

Drea xo

Shybiker said...

Sorry, buddy. Anxiety is the bane of our existence. I wrestle with it daily.

Clara Turbay said...

Great ideas and good taste!

Laura Morrigan said...

Hang in there. Anxiety sux. work on doing things that relax you. and try EFT, I swear it works!

I never believe in all those kinda things, but it totally works 4 me when i am stressed about stuff. you just tap the pressure points and say something about what you are stressed about, ie i will not worry about (insert thing here) and keep on repeating it.

see the vid with Gala (the girl with purple hair) demonstrating.

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