Thursday, March 8, 2012

fok julle naaiers

 aww yeah dis cockroach hair clip
my skins been breaking out so much and i think it's cos of anxiety. whattt do you guys do to deal with this kinda shit?

 the dress is from the 90s, got it on ebay
 i made the bracelet, rings are a mood ring and a lucite "diamond" shape
LOOK AT MY CLOSET it is now organized by clothes type! turns out i have a LOT of dresses xD

this necklace has a beetle in it! it's one of my favourites. i have so many jewelry pieces with beetles and things in them and i'm kind of obsessed. i want more but they're hard to find!


edit edit: as i was walking to class some lady stopped me to take my picture! whenever this happens i feel like it means my outfit is a success... that or i just look really fucking weird


Meghan Edge said...

gosh I wish I had your hair.

The Fashion Turd said...

hey..die antwoord!!..haven't heard them in a while...she is just gorgeous eh??....

anton belardo said...

i love the clip i have a roach necklace version too :)

lovely blog
followed you

Kisses A.

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