Friday, March 23, 2012

the hunger games!

So last night I went to see the Hunger Games. At midnight. In New York City. Yeah, it was pretty brutal, and I had to sit in like the third row, but it was so super good.
I thought it was true enough to the books without being annoying in its detail. I'm not a huge fan of movies--I don't have that kind of attention span, and usually when I'm watching a movie I have to be doing something else like blogging or tumbling or texting (not in the theatre, obviously). This is the first movie I saw in theatres since, I think, the second part of the seventh Harry Potter the second time I went to see it, which was on my birthday, which is the same as Harry Potter's birthday... I know. 
I'm going to try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible for y'all, I don't want you to be taking a leisurely read of my blog and being all like OH SHIT I DIDN'T WANT TO READ THAT
Okay. So. As mentioned previously, terrible attention span. Two and a half hour movie. Wasn't bored once. Loved it. I went with someone who hadn't read the books, and she seemed to like it as well, which in my opinion is definitely a good sign. It's a low-budget movie, and some of the camera angles are super shaky, which bothered me at first but then didn't as much when I got into it. 
The love triangle wasn't set up in too much detail at the beginning, but that actually led to some hilarious moments during the cave scene where they would cut back to Gale watching from District 12 with a really disappointed face and every time the whole theatre would just burst into laughter. It was pretty seriously comical. Effie had some really good, really funny lines that weren't in the book, which I liked--she was played really well. Woody Harrelson is a fucking genius among men, so Haymitch was kind of amazing. 
I wasn't a huge fan of Josh Hutcherson in general but as soon as his character was chosen in the Reaping he had this look on his face that was totally shocked and just... perfect and I fell in love with him as an actor (totally not attracted to him still, but whatever). Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand is perfect and flawless and I am in love with her completely. There's one scene where they focus in on her mouth and I was just all up in there creepin because I am hugely into girls at the best of times and when Jennifer Lawrence's lips are involved it gets even worse.
I think my favourite tribute was actually Cato--the final scene with him was pretty amazing. 
This has been me interrupting my blog to give you a minor fangirl review of a movie meant for people about four years younger than me.



Shybiker said...

Great review. Thanks.

If the movie is meant for girls four years younger than you, will it be weird if I like it? I hope not. Then again, I loved "Tank Girl".

I'm surprised at your perception that the movie was "low budget". They spent $100 Million to make it and will spend an equal amount for marketing. Not sure how that qualifies as low.

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