Saturday, April 28, 2012

tell me baby, how does it feel? i know you like the roll of the limousine wheel

 so i'm wearing my relatively brand fuckin new nebula dress and i got this duster coat thing on ebay 
sheer long jacket things are like my new obsession i dont know
 please forgive my still wet shower hair.

 annnnnd cat,
i really like the jacket thing because it makes me feel so incredibly 90s vampire goth. i even painted my nails this like sexy deep blacky red which is unheard of in my nail world of pastels and green slime and neon
(my fingers look super fucking creepy in this picture)


Daniel said...

I do fucking love this outfit !! It looks awesome the long sheer dress with the nebula dress! Hell Yeahzz! $ Love

Laura said...

omigod mesh jacket! damn it i want that so bad!!! Arrgh! I need that! were there anymore? If so please send me the ebay address! I have insane jealousy right now!!!

Shybiker said...

The jacket is wicked cool.

Charlie said...

Nebula dress EEEEEE! So pretty <3

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