Friday, June 22, 2012

smoking hot

i don't really have a picture relevant to this post so here is a shoe i covered in googly eyes and glitter. 

so i told you guys back in this post that i was going to quit smoking.
it didn't happen.
this past week, it did.
it was a lot easier than i'd expected once i decided i was going to stick to the decision to stop--i was a bitch for a few days but then not a lot happened. food tastes kind of weird now; other than that no symptoms or side effects. 
it's been so beautifully hot that i don't really feel like i want a cigarette when i go outside, which has really helped. when it's super warm out the desire to set something on fire and then inhale it goes away. 
so that's my update. hmm



Daniel said...

The shoes look awesome!! ◕‿◕ And CONGRATS for have quit smoking!!!

Shybiker said...

Quitting is tough. Hang in there. I hope I run into you tomorrow!

Gabriel said...

Yeah, cigarettes in the summer don't do it for me, either. Congrats on the quitting. I'm planning on quitting next month (the time has to be just right.) I don't care what the health fascists say, smoking is cool when you're young, but the cons eventually outweigh the pros. You do well in quitting, hang in there.

Laura Morrigan said...

ooo love the shoes! I was thinking of doing that with an old pair of mine. what kind of glue did you use?

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