Saturday, June 23, 2012

wouldn't you think i'm the girl who has everything?

 i ended up spending more time at brooklyn renegade craft fair than i did at the mermaid parade but i was still plenty mermaided out! i wore this, which is my bathing suit--it's vintage from the family jewels, which is normally way out of my price range but i was lucky to score this in my size (very unusual for vintage) a month or so ago.
 my hair's not that long. it's an extension. an extension that i had to cover with sharpie. it was a fucking process, and it got ink all over me.

funny faces 
 my necklace says "mermaid"
i ended up wearing this dress over it all. i got a lot of pictures taken :P
i made a really sped up video of how i dyed my hair extension (with sharpie). i have no idea if you can tell what's going on but you spin me round like a record and walk like an egyptian sound fucking hilarious sped up, so enjoy!



Meghan Edge said...

Love your craftiness with that hair extension! It never occurred to me to dye them. :-)

Shybiker said...

Cute clothes.

Anonymous said...

Amazing bathing suit! Stunning colors, perfect for a mermaid!! I love the hairstyle too, good work!

anton belardo said...

i sooo love the mermaid look on you!!! <3

kisses A.

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