Thursday, June 7, 2012

i wanna rock

 the skirt is vintage and the top is secondhand
sometimes i just feel like dressing like my own brand of disney princess

 my fce is so akward at all times
the circus freak necklace is on etsy
 my top is fringey!

i did a walk because i have so much fun swishing this shit



Shybiker said...

Love love love that skirt! And seeing it in action, twirling around, is sheer delight!

Laura Morrigan said...

I was just thinking i love love love that skirt and then realised the person above said just that. I want that skirt sooo bad! You should sell it to me if you ever get bored of it! It is perfect!

ha ha i love your facial expressions, I think you're cute and quirky.

and the circus freak necklace is so cool.!

Anonymous said...

I love the disney princess/circus freak outfit!!
It's brilliant and I love the skirt and the fringed top!
Have an amazing weekend xxxxx

Anonymous said...

ooh my lord, that skirt is so effing amazing! Holy shit, it looks so fun and... just epic. Excellent find! What a great piece for your wardrobe :)

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