Tuesday, June 5, 2012

what i did over summer vacation...

 the wonderful, beautiful edie pop (link) sent me a tote bag! she made it herself--it's so beautiful!
i received it as soon as i got home from pennsylvania and when i opened it i was so excited and touched i almost cried! thank you so much!!!

so i know summer vacation isn't (even close to) over but so far i've done a lot! i had a disastrous haircut but then fixed it to the best of my ability, got a new phone, cleaned my entire apartment, started work (which is amazing, by the way), ombre'd my hair (it was basically MAROON in a disastrous professional dye job... thats the last time anyone else gets to dye my hair... i had to wash it with dish soap until the colour lightened enough that i didnt feel like going out with a bag over my head), got new shoes which i will post about and a number of new clothes (including this massive motley crue shout at the devil shirt that i'm wearing here) that i will also post about... and so so much else. i've been having a really incredible summer thus far. 
i hope you guys are doing well! i've missed you!
enjoy die antwoord's new video c:



Meghan Edge said...

that tote is beautiful!

anton belardo said...

beautiful bag! :)

and i hope you get the hair tone you want! it still looks good on u though

kisses A.

Shybiker said...

We missed you, too.

Love the gift! How nice of your friend to make it.

New shoes? Did I hear someone say new shoes?! Show us the shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear and welcome back!!Thank you so much for your tribute, I'm so happy that you like it!!
It was just a little present to let you know that I consider you a true friend and an amazing girl!
The Die Antwoord new video and your post makes my morning ♥!! xxxxx

Laura Morrigan said...

Grrrreat tote! Jealous! Also like the tee, I think I had one like that once, guess I don't have it anymore. T-shirts dont fit me right anyway. I like how your hair turned out now, it sux that it was badly done by a hairdresser!!! You always look so freaking gorgeous right now!

I really want to dye my hair again but my allergies are so bad at the moment, I think i might have a really bad reaction. I must live vicariously through others awesome hair. :P

Laura Morrigan said...

BTW i didnt mean you look gorgeous in a creepy way. you just look really good, think the new plan must be working!

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