Monday, June 11, 2012

even my tears are pink

i think about the attacks that happened over ten years ago in this city a lot.
it's unavoidable here. the fire station across the street from my apartment has thirteen plaques in memoral for the firemen who lost their lives when the towers fell. last year people left flowers outside of it. dozens of bouquets. i couldn't walk by without getting choked up.
this country and i have a love hate relationship.
religion and i have a love hate relationship. i have never been religious. but there is one very religious man who i hardly stop thinking about. 
father mychal judge was a fdny chaplain who was counted as victim number one in the attacks. he went to deliver last rites to the victims of the attack and died when he was struck by falling rubble. there is a section of 31st street, quite close to madison square garden, named after him. 
he was well known for accepting people not usually accepted by the church--members of the LGBT community, patients with AIDS, the homeless, addicts, and others.
i know a lot of people say that god is love but i think father mychal really meant it.
i took this when i went with my mom and sister to the 9/11 memorial a few months ago. 

sorry for this sort of somber post. i'll be back to my dumb face soon!


Gabriel said...

nice post. it's good to remember those few good people who inspire us somehow.
the 9/11 attacks changed many things. when i was a kid living in tarrytown, ny i remember going to the city and thinking how mighty it looked. like it was invincible. now i know that even a city can be wounded.

Laura Morrigan said...

Yes, that is sad. Unfortunately, there are too many religious people who take the bible too literally. There are parts in it about putting to death people who work on sunday, not eating shellfish, slavery being ok, women being subjugate to men, the list goes on. Yet most people ignore all these but still say things like being gay is wrong. It's ridiculous, outdated, hurtful, even evil. Which is why it is so touching when members of the church see past that doctrine, and the peer pressure of their church, and accept everyone, as they should. He is truly a great loss.

Charlie Wilkins said...

Things like this are just as relevant to recognise as your dumb face. This is YOU and your HEART and I would read a thousand of these and I would know you a thousand times better, each time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments above mine. What a good man. I went to the 9.11 memorial museum type thing when I was in NYC in 2010. I cried, it was so sad and emotional. Seeing the images of ALL those people, every single one of them, that lost their life :( There were quotes from telephone conversations those who died had with their relatives. Aah, terrible and so tragic.

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