Sunday, November 13, 2011


just some pictures of some things. you know.
this is one of our cats. this one's sev(erus), who i have bonded with more. the other, floyd, is his twin brother and is more ali's cat.
sev likes drawers.
this is how ali and i prepared for hurricane irene. i was so convinced that the tree outside our window would fall and crash through and kill us (of course nothing happened although it still does lean quite precariously) that i made him drag our mattress into the kitchen, farther from the windows and the courtyard, and we spent the night in it.
we also bought a 12-pack of tacos from taco bell figuring that if the power went out they'd still be good.
this is a half naked picture of my boyfriend in our irene fort.
he looks pissed off for some reason. i want to say its probably because of my pikachu. he HATES my pikachu.
here is some sky from the highline, which is one of my favourite places in this city.


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