Friday, November 11, 2011


there we go, i'm picking myself up and dusting myself off.
i'm really not a fan of using a pc; i miss my mac terribly.
but that's how it is.
i've still not got any outfit posts but here is the only picture that exists of me with this hair
besides the ones that random people keep taking of me
which... what?

i don't even understand anything
ah well.
that was my delirium cosplay for comiccon
i made a really tall delirium especially with the heels.
ali made a really good dream. he painted himself white which was great.
i've been writing again, so that's good, and i've been thinking again, which is even better.

i have some comments about the penn state fiasco (i am from state college and my parents are law professors there)
but i feel like i've drawn that shit out too much so let me just say:
fuck 'em all.
fuck the child fuckers and the guys who covered it up.
fuck the kids who think football is more important than children.
fuck the people who are more concerned about the legacy of an old coot who--i will admit--did a lot for the school but also fucked up beyond repair this time, above the public perception of their educational institution.
he was due for retirement anyway.
fuck 'em all.
if i was there tonight i'd be with all the kids standing on the old main lawn holding their candles for the victims.
because joe paterno was no fucking victim.

that's all there is to that. oh!
i'm reading a book about the hartford circus fire.
it's just called "the circus fire", it's by stewart o'nan and it's really good.
i'm hoping i can run my fat ass down to the memorial sometime soon.
although i have no idea what else i'd do in conneticut.

well that is where i will leave you pretties.
sorry for all the wordswordswords thats been going on lately.



Laura said...

I love Delerium! And I love love lvoer your tights and boots. and it is too late at night to type right. :P

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