Saturday, November 12, 2011


helloooo arm party. pink princess bracelets made by me, black watch was my dads, seal/polar bear watch is a kids swatch, blue bracelet from street stall, bug bracelet from illinois
glitter glitter glitter. i love accent nails. ring from nubambu on etsy
dress - vintage 90s velvet babydoll found on ebay. im not usually a fan of babydoll dresses but this one is lovely and warm.
tights - leg avenue i think?
shoes - wanted
collar - urban outfitters
snake headpiece - rag and bone vintage in state college pa

my hair looks kinda funny because i didn't let it dry all the way before going out. the blue's really faded and the purple's still pretty well in there, which is interesting.
the blue is manic panic turquoise and the purple is special effects, so i guess that says something.

coat - goodwill
peppermint mocha - yum

i'm really liking the whole taking photos outside thing. ali insists that he's a terrible photographer but i like how these came out.


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