Thursday, November 17, 2011

holy shit you guys.

you guys, holy shit.
there was a homeless guy living in the laundry room of my apartment
and they found him and kicked him out yesterday
but then today ali and i heard the police chasing him (or maybe someone else) out again
like all the way through my side of the building (the back side)
and apparently he took his dick out
which sounds to me like he is a little unbalanced
and now im scared.
i dont know how he got through the front door in the first place!
much less into the laundry room
which auto-locks and has the same key as the front door.
oh god what if he has a key.
matters are not helped by the fact that earlier this year the landlord had to change the front door lock
because apartments had been getting robbed
on the 2nd and 5th floors!
i'm on the 4th
and whoever was doing it used the fire escapes
which means they got through the front door and into the courtyard :(
i'm super paranoid someone's just going to be like
hanging out on the fire escape when i go to sleep now.
ali needs to get back from class i am way too neurotic for this


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