Sunday, November 13, 2011

me vs food

i am one of those people who loses weight fairly easily.
however, i also gain weight REALLY easily.
i've been both pretty heavy and pretty thin
i think i was at my heaviest in 10th grade?
and my skinniest in 8th although i'm not sure that should really even count
because i was basically a child
being six feet tall it is relatively easy for me to wear weight
but sometimes its not
right now my face and my stomach look a little heavier than i want them to
as do my thighs
it's hard living with an amazing cook who i'm pretty sure makes things as unhealthy as paula deen does
not to mention the fact that i LOVE FOOD
especially cheese
and i waste a lot of calories getting drunk
i'm making a resolution
in front of you all so i can be accountable for it
i'm going to start to eat things (not ALWAYS but i will try)
that are good for me and good for my skin because that's been looking a little ick too
i don't have a scale so i can't really say i want to lose x number of pounds
but i want to look good! and feel good! hooray!

and also save some money because damn i am broke


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