Friday, December 23, 2011

gratuitous cat picture and some words

hey this is my cat next to a house i built from ello
yeah i dont really want to talk about it

anyway. i really need to lose some weight. i'm trying to watch what i eat but it's HARD. i'm using but jesus christ i dont know. 
when i get back to new york i really want to start walking around some more and stuff. and there's a swimming pool at the hotel so i'm going to try to exercise there but ugh.

i dunno. it's really hard. i need more motivation. boo.


Laura said...

your cat is gorgeous! i lost a lot of weight this year thru a low GI diet. but it depends if you can resist the sugar! you have to avoid sugar, and things like hot chips, and only eat 7 carby foods per day. it is difficult but it really worked for me. altho im not too fit at the moment because in the week before xmas i tend to let loose and really indulge. ha ha. new years resolution: eat well again! oh and zumba dance fitness is really good, too!

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