Saturday, December 17, 2011

day 28-a picture of something you're afraid of

in case it wasn't obvious i'm really trying to get this 31 day challenge thing done by the end of the year 

something i'm afraid of would definitely be raisins but i can't mentally prepare myself to look at pictures of raisins so that's not going here
same problem with clusters of holes, can't look at them so not going here
i'm gonna go with this fluffy motherfucker.

it's not so much a fear as just being really skeeved out by them. like the black shit that gets in their fur around their eyes and mouth, and the fact that they are yappy little hell beasts.
my grandpa had a bichon frise/lhasa apso dog named bee which is a cute fucking name for a dog but godDAMN that thing was the devil in dog format

and then it started getting old and had all these skin things ewwww



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