Wednesday, December 7, 2011


i have been experimenting with fashion since around forever and i thought i should highlight some of the steps and missteps i have taken along the way.
my bedroom at my dads house seriously fucking looks like that.
this was either freshman or sophomore year of high school.
i still fucking love that lolita dress, i think i got it for homecoming but i wore it a bunch
i never bring it back to school when i come home because i think i'm not gonna want it, but then i do.
this is the last day of freshman year of high school. it was sort of mocking-but-really-wanting-to-be-like the scene queens. secretly.
i used to wear this hoodie all the time. the dresden dolls even signed it! i was really into garish bright colours for a while and mismatched things.
this is at the dark knight premiere but seriously, i wore this shit all the time. i wore this shit to DISNEYLAND. nobody knows how weird i am until they experience it.
of course sometimes i toned it down a bit too.
and then i sometimes did the opposite of toning it down. for a while i seriously just forced all these bracelets on my hands every single fucking day.
also, i am wearing lipstick on my eyes.
lipstick on my eyes, you guys.
on. my. eyes.
freshman year i believe. how the fuck was i so skinny.
this one is more recent--last halloween, just after i started to dye my hair.
freshman year of college. when laura came to visit. sometimes i miss that hair. i definitely miss the length.
senior year? i think. my friend matt took this and he is amazing. i toned it down a bit after coming back from london.
this was me in london. i wasn't really allowed to wear what i wanted there. this was kind of a staple. it was mostly t-shirts and jeans.

i hope that gave you some insight into how my style has grown to how it is today, which admittedly changes from one moment to the next.
it also gives you some insight into my hair!

i really should be studying for finals.
or sleeping.



Laura said...

wooo! all your clothes and makeup are utterly amaaaazing! Dresden dolls, too! I love the Joker makeup and I love that there is a toilet in the background of the pic! Totally rad! Ha ha I do bathroom pics sometimes too as the natural light in there is quite good. but then you can tell it is a bathroom cause of the tiles so I can't use it. :P

Gabriel said...

Madness! Madness, I say! totally awesome pics!

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