Monday, December 12, 2011

last year's wishes are this year's apologies.

you know it's winter when i transfer to long boots
although to be fair i did wear these in summer too
they are by wanted
the shirt is from a dresden dolls concert. ive seen them and amanda palmer like eight times
and every time i've gone with my mom :)
i got this shirt on the true colours tour which also had cyndi lauper and amanda lepore
it is signed
because i met them
and they were soooooo freaking nice
i was wearing a shirt that said "homophobia is gay"
and amanda really liked it
and i was sneak taking pictures and brian noticed and posed for me
ok now i'm gushing
but this band i have loved since 8th grade UNTIL FOREVER
they signed on their own faces. hehe.
the vest thing is from urban outfitters. im only just now starting to use it as a layering piece i just used to wear it as a top
and the skirt is from search and destroy.

can i just explain the fact that the title of this post is fall out boy?
yes yes i know
the thing is it's finals
and during finals i find myself pandora-ing the music i listened to a long time ago (middle school and early high school)
because it's shit that i know but i dont really care about and i dont really think about
and then sometimes i remember why i liked it

anyway, its a bit of nostalgia.
my room is a fucking mess


Emily Jean said...

haha i always have this dilemma! extensions could definitely be an option!

Charlie Wilkins said...

Okay, the "You might also like" keeps kicking up really attractive photos so I keep hopping through your posts and my god woman you are so beautiful.

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