Wednesday, December 7, 2011

blue and red

i know i've posted this picture before
but look at that shit
look at that mouf
that is loop-de-loup carousel gloss by lime crime
and because every girl should be able to match her mouth to her hair - carousel gloss in candy apple
dress from urban outfitters
special bonus-me with crazy lady post shower makeup, a bracelet from my cruise, and my pittsburgh penguins pj top!
weirdly enough before i even thought up this post i wrote poems today called "blue" and "red"

oh and i know my skin has been looking wonky lately. please bear with me as i experiment with new skincare routines because i am sort of at a loss right now.
love you guys.



Thera Joyce said...

Hey girl! Love your hair, and blog! I wear an apron to work in. I'm a hair stylist. :) I really need to make one for home too. :)

Thera Joyce said...

P.S. Your comments section wasn't working a while ago so I was never able to leave you a comment. So glad it's working now! Yays!

Charlie said...

Hi!! You're pretty. I want your hair. And I love flipping through your blog, such cool style!!

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