Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i wrote this novel just for you, it sounds pretentious but it's true

what is my face doing
bra - victoria's secret
overalls dress - h&m london

i made this eyes box. it's awesome, it rattles when you move it.
title - blue american - placebo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

when we're dead they'll know just who we are.

contrary to how these pictures look i am in kind of a terrible mood. i wanted to do a post on body image but it's hot and my dad is being really demanding - i know it's father's day, and i'd be totally willing to celebrate it with him if he did the same for me on days that are important in my life, i.e. my birthday or adoption anniversary day.
and my room is about 100 degrees hotter than anywhere else. it's basically tropical.

shirt - camden markets
skirt - last seen here
i did eat cotton candy, though. which is always good.
title - the nobodies - marilyn manson

Saturday, June 18, 2011

you turned your back upon her one too many times, spent all her hard-earned money getting high. she sang, ''is she more beautiful than me?''

shirt - camden markets
shorts - topshop

title - from la belle et la bete by babyshambles, who are not the libertines but who are quite close to being the libertines.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i fly, i fly high, i'm blazin'

i got my hair dyed again! at a place called pepi's in camden town.
it's pillarbox red by directions.
sometimes i feel like i'm walking a thin line between semifashionable alt-y blogger and trashy bitch who just walked out of a hot topic, and i don't know if this outfit falls in the former or the latter category.
modified libertines sweatshirt - £10, camden markets
leopard skirt last seen a few days ago
spider pin last seen a few days ago
hairbow (spider pin is attached to it) - last seen here (holy shit my old hair!!!)
i don't know what the shit this pose is. i think i'm a superhero or something maybe.
from a few days ago, i did an outfit post on this
dress - camden markets, vintage
i am such a geek and super awkward in all photos
some highlights from the doctor who experience

camden markets, just after getting my hair done
title - nicki minaj, blazin' (yes i have used this song before, don't care)

Monday, June 13, 2011

sorry i'm not home right now, i'm walking into spiderwebs. so leave a message and i'll call you back

aspects of this outfit were inspired by both ''don't speak'' and ''spiderwebs'' (title lyrics) by no doubt. i'm not a huge no doubt fan but i think gwen stefani's style, especially the way it was in the 90s, is incredible, and she's really quite talented and lovely. and i wish i looked like her. ha.
shirt - last seen here
skirt - last seen here
necklace - always
spider pin - £12, covent garden markets
bracelets - 29p for a pack of ten or so, camden markets
hair clip - £4.20 from sainsburys
earrings - last seen here

today was an adventure! we went down to chinatown and bought japanese sweets (yes in chinatown i don't know what to tell you but it happened) and wandered the shops a while, went to a pret a manger for lunch because even though they exist in america we always go in england and i'm not sure why, and hit the entire leicester square/covent garden area, including tatty devine which was as awesome as i thought it would be and i got a ring shaped like a cat which i was wearing until it started bothering my finger but i'm sure i will wear it again, and a lot, because it's adorable. my sister and i then went to camden town and shopped for gifts for friends, which was lovely, and ate at a chinese buffet w the best spring rolls i have ever had.
the buffet had different pricing for children but ''children'' were defined not by age but by height, and we determined that midgets could have the reduced price as well, which is maybe the best part of being a midget - super cheap amazing spring rolls at one chinese buffet in camden town.
typed out like this it looks like we didn't do a lot today but it feels like we really did, and my back is aching, and ouch. but it was so so much fun. i'm getting my hair done tomorrow so we will see how that goes.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

they don't know that we are the media, they don't know that we start the mania.

dress - £5, portobello market
necklace - same as always
boots - wanted
so today was nice - it was a bit warmer than yesterday (still warranted a coat though which is something i'm not really used to because in both pennsylvania and new york it is insanely hot) and we went to portobello market and wandered around there for a long time. there were loads of things that i was itching to buy but i settled for this dress because it was cheap (five pounds is about $7.50) and it is covered in cats. yes, i bought a cat print dress.
we ate at weatherspoon's which is a pub type thing and i had nachos - one of the things about england is that they've got no real concept of what mexican food is (or even fake mexican food - i don't think there are any taco bells here) but you can get nachos at just about any pub and they are often pretty fantastic, and even more often vegetarian. the english are avid meat eaters as i'm sure is well known, but they don't tend to put meat on things where no meat is needed, such as nachos. so that's quite nice.
i don't like british food really at all (breakfast is difficult for me because they haven't seemed to branch out yet. the best breakfast i have ever had was in amsterdam. i don't know why that's relevant but it seems to be. it was pancakes and loads of powdered sugar, and some other things too i think, and it was super sweet and delicious. the british don't seem to grasp the concept of sweet breakfast foods. although my sister and i did see an ad on tv for a breakfast cereal with chocolate hazelnut, which looks promising and will hopefully be sampled before the plane ride home.) but england, particularly london, has wonderful non-british food. they have the best indian food in the world, i think. maybe better than the indian food in india.
i've never been to india so that may well be a blatant lie.
i'm going to try to get some of my work assignments done while i have the downtime. until tomorrow (or later if i forget to post or if i don't feel like it or something like that happens).

the title is from map of tasmania by the brilliant amanda fucking palmer.

Friday, June 10, 2011

i hear the drums echoing tonight, but she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation

dress - camden markets - £18 (haggled down from £25)
doll eye bracelet - £12 from westfield mall. this thing is fucking amazing, it does the same thing as a baby doll's eyes - they blink when they're not held straight up and down.
socks - american apparel, last seen here but uncredited. it's pretty cold here
necklace - last seen whenever my last post was, i always wear this thing... but they confiscated the bullet at airport security. it wasn't even a real bullet. i know it was stupid to try to wear it through but i didn't really think about it.
doll eye necklace - closed
doll eye necklace - open

I’m writing this entry on an airplane in a word document as I’m splitting my attention between assignments for my job and a poorly censored version of Monster, which is interesting to say the least. Every time I listen to this song I’m reminded of why I love Nicki Minaj – she fucking kills. I should probably sleep on this flight because when we get in it’ll be one in the morning American time and seven London time, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen – I’m really not good at sleeping sitting up.

If my blog turns into something of a travel journal in the coming week and a half ish that I’ll be in London, I apologize – of course I’ll still be posting clothes and whatnot because that’s the point of it all, but I’m not too good at handwriting anything that isn’t insane and I sort of use this blog as a place to go back and look at what was going on in my life at certain points (I can tell a lot about myself and my mindset by my choice of outfit on a given day) so it seems fitting that I write about this trip here as well.

The best part of this plane ride is that they have a fucking fantastic playlist of 80s music which unfortunately does not include the best song of the whole 80s – Africa by Toto (which lends lyrics to the title) – or even the second most amazing – Safety Dance by Men Without Hats – but is fairly incredible nonetheless. And does include Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran. And and they have Disintegration by the Cure, the whole album, and and and Aerosmith’s greatest hits, so needless to say I think I will be fine.

This is being written in installments because I didn’t get a chance to post and now that I can I have more to say – yesterday was spent in the always wonderful Camden markets, and today was spent at Westfield mall, with dinner yesterday and today at Swiss Cottage’s Me Love Sushi and Camden’s Hache. The one complaint I have with London is how early everything closes – I get my best shopping done at night – but then again, I guess I’ve been spoiled by New York, where if somewhere closes before 10 it’s not worth going to.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

london calling!

shoes - chinese laundry
anklets - dragon chasers (one of my best friends works there so i hang out there and sometimes buy stuff so i'm not being rude)
dress - dandelion, champaign, il
bruisey knees - boffer battle. i am not ashamed.
necklace - last seen here
this dress is so wonderful and so so so easy, doesn't need much accessorizing, although it is quite short. i wore it to lollapalooza last summer.

i'm off to london for a little over a week - i'm going to try to blog from there, we will see how that works out.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and i haven't seen a pupil in his eyes for sixteen days, all the catholic girls love him in a hundred million different ways.

this is me saying hi
or giving you a high five i dunno which
i guess if you hit your monitor really hard its a high five
if not why are you leaving me hangin bro? come on come on
this is how i dance but only to 80s music, i.e. pandora-ing ''africa'' by toto which creates the best station ever i am pretty sure
so this is what my room looks like. from one angle at least.
i'm sort of having fun looking through my closet and finding treasures i decided not to take to school, most of which i haven't worn in a year (and usually more).
title from vince the lovable stoner by the fratellis

Thursday, June 2, 2011

follow that unicorn on the road to love

today is awesome because i found out that pandora can play disney songs
i wore this to sweep my dad's porch
bra - $12 - strawberry nyc
skirt - last seen here
necklace - last seen here
this cat is the best cat in the whole world
necklace $14ish from sweet bliss bistro which is probably my absolute favourite etsy store of the moment - i've gotten three things from them already and have my eye on loads more.
title from highway unicorn (road to love) by lady gaga

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i solemnly swear i am up to no good

it was HOT out today and i keep forgetting that sometimes the weather doesn't agree with how i want to dress so i changed like three times throughout the day and this is what i ended up in
shirt - ???
shorts - from a boutique called connections here in state college, although the tag says ''peppermint''. cursory googling reveals nothing
boots - doc martens w/ harry potter-themed sharpie decorating, on sale for $45 on amazon in january
necklace - bullet pendant seen here, along with cotton candy and fishbowl charms described here, 'master' charm from michael's ($4 for three different ones), and vintage seahorse pendant from rag and bone, $16
giant barbie-esque heart earrings, also from rag and bone, $5
my hair isn't cut this short or anything it's just pulled back because i don't feel like dealing with it.

being away from new york has left me feeling both depressed and ill.
or it's left me feeling depressed and i'm actually ill.
i miss my city and i miss the people in it. i love my friends here but something's missing.
i'm going to london in a week and hopefully that will alleviate my big city blues, but not for long, i'm sure.

I think I'm Marc Jacobs, I think I'm Lagerfeld. I think without makeup, you still bad as hell

i missed this face, but not a lot else about state college.
dress - h&m- $20ish
i thought i'd lost this dress in florida or something over winter break because i haven't seen it since then but it turned out it was for some reason in a bag of old tights at my dad's house. weird
last seen here
pikachu - nintendo world - $20

this picture makes me super fucking homesick for new york. it was taken in the union square christmas market in either november or december. the hospital gown was stolen by a crazy comrade from beth israel.
title - from blazin', nicki minaj ft. kanye west
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