Monday, June 13, 2011

sorry i'm not home right now, i'm walking into spiderwebs. so leave a message and i'll call you back

aspects of this outfit were inspired by both ''don't speak'' and ''spiderwebs'' (title lyrics) by no doubt. i'm not a huge no doubt fan but i think gwen stefani's style, especially the way it was in the 90s, is incredible, and she's really quite talented and lovely. and i wish i looked like her. ha.
shirt - last seen here
skirt - last seen here
necklace - always
spider pin - £12, covent garden markets
bracelets - 29p for a pack of ten or so, camden markets
hair clip - £4.20 from sainsburys
earrings - last seen here

today was an adventure! we went down to chinatown and bought japanese sweets (yes in chinatown i don't know what to tell you but it happened) and wandered the shops a while, went to a pret a manger for lunch because even though they exist in america we always go in england and i'm not sure why, and hit the entire leicester square/covent garden area, including tatty devine which was as awesome as i thought it would be and i got a ring shaped like a cat which i was wearing until it started bothering my finger but i'm sure i will wear it again, and a lot, because it's adorable. my sister and i then went to camden town and shopped for gifts for friends, which was lovely, and ate at a chinese buffet w the best spring rolls i have ever had.
the buffet had different pricing for children but ''children'' were defined not by age but by height, and we determined that midgets could have the reduced price as well, which is maybe the best part of being a midget - super cheap amazing spring rolls at one chinese buffet in camden town.
typed out like this it looks like we didn't do a lot today but it feels like we really did, and my back is aching, and ouch. but it was so so much fun. i'm getting my hair done tomorrow so we will see how that goes.



Laura said...

Love the outfits. When you reminded me of this song I had to go youbtube it. I remember it well. Although I always thought it was 'i'm walking in the spiderwebs leaving messages for humans', like Charlotte in Charlotte's web writing messages, you know? ha ha I was also an odd kid. :)

Laura said...

Aw i love the grungy outfits she used to wear back then.

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