Saturday, June 11, 2011

they don't know that we are the media, they don't know that we start the mania.

dress - £5, portobello market
necklace - same as always
boots - wanted
so today was nice - it was a bit warmer than yesterday (still warranted a coat though which is something i'm not really used to because in both pennsylvania and new york it is insanely hot) and we went to portobello market and wandered around there for a long time. there were loads of things that i was itching to buy but i settled for this dress because it was cheap (five pounds is about $7.50) and it is covered in cats. yes, i bought a cat print dress.
we ate at weatherspoon's which is a pub type thing and i had nachos - one of the things about england is that they've got no real concept of what mexican food is (or even fake mexican food - i don't think there are any taco bells here) but you can get nachos at just about any pub and they are often pretty fantastic, and even more often vegetarian. the english are avid meat eaters as i'm sure is well known, but they don't tend to put meat on things where no meat is needed, such as nachos. so that's quite nice.
i don't like british food really at all (breakfast is difficult for me because they haven't seemed to branch out yet. the best breakfast i have ever had was in amsterdam. i don't know why that's relevant but it seems to be. it was pancakes and loads of powdered sugar, and some other things too i think, and it was super sweet and delicious. the british don't seem to grasp the concept of sweet breakfast foods. although my sister and i did see an ad on tv for a breakfast cereal with chocolate hazelnut, which looks promising and will hopefully be sampled before the plane ride home.) but england, particularly london, has wonderful non-british food. they have the best indian food in the world, i think. maybe better than the indian food in india.
i've never been to india so that may well be a blatant lie.
i'm going to try to get some of my work assignments done while i have the downtime. until tomorrow (or later if i forget to post or if i don't feel like it or something like that happens).

the title is from map of tasmania by the brilliant amanda fucking palmer.


Charlie Wilkins said...

A Wetherspoons? You fucking tourist.

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