Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i solemnly swear i am up to no good

it was HOT out today and i keep forgetting that sometimes the weather doesn't agree with how i want to dress so i changed like three times throughout the day and this is what i ended up in
shirt - ???
shorts - from a boutique called connections here in state college, although the tag says ''peppermint''. cursory googling reveals nothing
boots - doc martens w/ harry potter-themed sharpie decorating, on sale for $45 on amazon in january
necklace - bullet pendant seen here, along with cotton candy and fishbowl charms described here, 'master' charm from michael's ($4 for three different ones), and vintage seahorse pendant from rag and bone, $16
giant barbie-esque heart earrings, also from rag and bone, $5
my hair isn't cut this short or anything it's just pulled back because i don't feel like dealing with it.

being away from new york has left me feeling both depressed and ill.
or it's left me feeling depressed and i'm actually ill.
i miss my city and i miss the people in it. i love my friends here but something's missing.
i'm going to london in a week and hopefully that will alleviate my big city blues, but not for long, i'm sure.


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