Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i fly, i fly high, i'm blazin'

i got my hair dyed again! at a place called pepi's in camden town.
it's pillarbox red by directions.
sometimes i feel like i'm walking a thin line between semifashionable alt-y blogger and trashy bitch who just walked out of a hot topic, and i don't know if this outfit falls in the former or the latter category.
modified libertines sweatshirt - £10, camden markets
leopard skirt last seen a few days ago
spider pin last seen a few days ago
hairbow (spider pin is attached to it) - last seen here (holy shit my old hair!!!)
i don't know what the shit this pose is. i think i'm a superhero or something maybe.
from a few days ago, i did an outfit post on this
dress - camden markets, vintage
i am such a geek and super awkward in all photos
some highlights from the doctor who experience

camden markets, just after getting my hair done
title - nicki minaj, blazin' (yes i have used this song before, don't care)


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