Wednesday, August 8, 2012

working out

 hey mice! just got back from the gym. i'm starting to really get into my groove i think in terms of exercise. this is what i wear to work out. 
the bra is from foot locker and the patti smith shirt is from h&m (weird, right?)
i wear shorts, too, of course. i'll show those off later though. for now i just wanted to update you guys and ask you a question!
 my ipod has very few songs on it right now, and i'm looking for some really good "work out" music. what do you guys listen to to get you motivated?


Shybiker said...

Very cute. I love Patti.

Charlie Wilkins said...

I like a beat when I'm cycling or rowing, so I'm going to go with my go-to place, you want some Nine Inch Nails, preferably... With Teeth because that's just pounding music, with a great rhythm if you can keep up with it. Or... The Naked and the Famous, I'm liking Passive Me, Aggressive You, and sure, it's not *conventional* workout music but it's about something you can a) listen to and b) has a great rhythm to it, so yeah, I would suggest those two...

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