Wednesday, August 15, 2012

baby detonate for me

 it's my first day back in the city and it is raining! so, sorry for the rain face. i got the raincoat at urban outfitters on sale about a month ago and it has since come in very handy.
 it also has a ginormous hood.
 the top is from forever 21, i bought it ages ago and didn't wear it for about a month after i got it and now i can't stop wearing it. it goes so well with high waisted stuff. the skirt is from american apparel.
the coat you can see hanging in these pictures is from goodwill. 

the friendship and string bracelets are old, but the other three are new--the turtle mood bracelet is from the san diego zoo, as is the green one with the metal plate, which has a lion etched on it. the princess charm bracelet is from disneyland, although it also has tinker bell on it, and i don't really like tinkerbell nor do i consider her a princess. oh well xx 


Shybiker said...

Don't you look cute! Even your raincoat rocks. Great color.

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