Friday, August 24, 2012

i've been putting out fire with gasoline


hehehehe but seriously. i have z e r o body issues.
 i'm embracing the final days of summer in a def leppard shirt and urban renewal shorts. 

 oh and i have a new fish. his name is fire lord zuko. he's a therapy fish--my counselor recommended that i get a pet and a fish is all i can really have in my apartment (i wish i could have cats again, but that was sort of hell on earth last time and now they're with my ex and he has roommates in a much bigger apartment so i'm sure they're happier). i like him a lot! i know i'm going to get super attached, because that's what i do. i already almost had a heart attack because he didnt eat for a couple days, but it turned out that he was just cold. 


Laura Morrigan said...

Sounds cool, I can't have a pet, thanks a lot rental agency. Cool name, too. Your outfit is cool, too. It worries me that in our society people try and bring others down so much, and makes me hate the nature of the society we live in!

Shybiker said...

Cute shorts. And welcome to zuko!

Anonymous said...

Aww a fish, how cute :) I've NEVER had a pet, my parents would not allow it. Nope, not even a fish, or a bird, or anything. It kind of sucks because now i'm fairly afraid of animals. Btw, you are no where near fat :)

Daniel said...

I'm imagining this cool ass photo with you and Yolandi against a graffiti wall with this outfit

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

you look rad

Meghan Edge said...

awesome shorts. And nice to meet your new fish. :-)

I fucking love your blog.

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