Friday, August 17, 2012

california uber alles

here are a few of the bazillion photos i took during my recent visit with my family to california.

 oo heaven is a place on earth
 i always take these shadow pictures when i visit disney, i don't know why.
 flamingos at our hotel
 a sprinkle candy apple. it looked really good but the white chocolate was nasty :/ i ended up taking off the shell and just eating the apple :)
 i found the worst sunglasses ever!
 my sister and i in front of the castle making awful faces
again, awful faces 
 i thought these eels kind of looked like mermaid man and barnacle boy
this actually wasn't in california--my friend took this picture of me a while ago, but i think it's amazing. 
i did a lot of this when i was in pennsylvania after returning from california--made shrinky dinks. these are appa from the last airbender, he's my favourite character in the series. although i also really like mai and am considering cosplaying as her for new york comic con. brownie points if any of you know what i'm talking about :)
this isn't all of the ones i made, but it's a lot of 'em--randy marsh, chef, stan, kyle, kenny, and cartman from south park, two versions of appa, hercules & meg, merida from brave, esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame, and pocahontas. all of them (except randy, who was for a friend) have holes in them so i can string them on a necklace, but i haven't found appropriately sized jump rings yet. 

i hope you guys all had a great summer, and if school is approaching for any of you like it is for me, i hope you're looking forward to the new year! 


Laura Morrigan said...

I've been taking shadow pics too recently. Teh last one didn't turn out which sucks because I had three shadows. because I am evil . :P

That photo your friend took is awesome! Was it painted on at all?

Anonymous said...

I love your reportage and Dead Kennedys song is just perfect, one of my favourite record ever!!
The shrinky dinks are too cute too,I must try to do some and made necklaces out of them or maybe earrings!
Have a great time!!

Shybiker said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing your fun photos.

And thank you for your card! It arrived today. I like your comment that our blogs have become friends: it's true!

Anonymous said...

i love california!!

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