Tuesday, July 31, 2012

it was my birthday!

 guess what mice?
i'm 20!
i'm back in pennsylvania with my parents for the day. i had a great day today (technically yesterday as it's past midnight). i got some nice clothes and two pairs of shoes--my parents know me well. 
i also went to the craft store with my mom and i got some stuff i'm excited about. yall know how much i love gluing stuff to other stuff!
 i'm not going to lie, i feel a little old. 20 is something i'm not used to. it's a little daunting, a little scary. but it's great!
and here's my kitty. she's doing a lot better! she's still an old fart. but she's only 12. (not in cat years.)

 this bustier thing is from forever 21. you can't really see my skirt, but it's from american apparel. my bracelets are some string, a friendship bracelet, and a saint bracelet my friend got me in ireland. 

i'm tired. can you tell? i had such fun though!
tomorrow i have a bunch of doctor's appointments and am meeting up with a number of different people and submitting some job applications. then in a few days i'm off to california! i can't believe summer's almost over. it feels like it only just began. 
hope you guys are doing well!



Laura Morrigan said...

happy birthday! I'm 25 if that makes you feel any better :P Sounds like you had a good time!

Gabriel said...

Happy Birthday! hope you have a great year. Cute cat.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear! Don't worry, 20 isn't that bad. I'm turning 22 in November.. Imma feel so ancient, it's going to be depressing. Look at us complaining.. think about how our parents must feel! Anyway, love the top and from what I can see, that AA skirt seems awesome.

Clara Turbay said...

happy birthday!

Daniel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! luv the daisy bustier and your cat is a cutie ^^

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