Monday, July 2, 2012

the babe with the power

 h&m has this new collection that is all pastel rainbows and stuff and i bought like three pieces and want more because holy shit. this skirt is one of them.
the shirt is an american apparel gauzy thing that i embroidered and studded and my bustier is from strawberry
 the headband is from topshop. just got a shipment of topshop clothes too :3

 added a star of david to my cross pocketknife necklace
 sorry for the lack of posting. i was in baltimore over the weekend and didn't have any access to internet or anything. that storm was ridiculous! and the humidity was insane.


Anonymous said...

Lovely skirt, can't wait to see your bargains!
I'm sorry that your weekend wasn't so great.
lots of kisses xxxxx

Thera Joyce said...

OMG. Love that skirt! It's amazing. I love H&M so much. It's one of my favorite stores. I adore your hair too. You're too cute! :)

Thera Joyce said...

Also, Magic Dance is my favorite David Bowie song. I love him. I just finished watching this series on Netflix called The Hunger. He's the host, and he's badass!

Shybiker said...

Cool new stuff. Did you have fun in Ballomore? (That's how Baltimorons sound to me.)

The Holly Rivers Show (formerly The Fashion Turd) said...

you remind me of the babe
what babe?
babe of the power
what power?
power of voodoo
who do?
you do, remind me of the babe
A goblin babe!!!

lost count of how many times I have watched this movie.....if just for Bowie's 'lunch box'!

Holly x


Laura Morrigan said...

wow, shiny! yay! I like the whole pale rainbow thing! very cool! and Labyrinth! yay!Bowiie! I wanna hang in the Labyrinth with Jareth and Ludo!

Nea Jasmina said...

wow awesome skirt :D so GIRL POWER!

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